When Facebook Stands Lazy and Mozilla Takes the Lead: Respect!

A while ago, Mozilla released its Facebook Container Extension in an attempt to protect user’s privacy on the web. Months later, the extension became quite mature and is ready to be adopted on a mass scale.

In this article, I will be explaining how Facebook tracks our activity, how our privacy can be protected and how we can use this extension to regain our privacy.

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Your Children’s Privacy Online is Your Responsibility. So be Wise!

Parents might not be aware of how their children’s privacy is affected online. This covers newborn babies, infants and older children up till the age of maturity.

For newborn babies and infants, parents can commit severe mistakes that might affect their children’s lives forever. For older children, the children themselves can do this mistake simply for not being aware of how privacy can be abused by others. It is the role of parents to protect their children’s privacy by teaching them and guiding them.

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Your Children’s Privacy Online is Your Responsibility

Christian Distribution Results in Lebanese Parliament Elections 2018

One of the hottest topics after any elections that take place in Lebanon is which party received the highest number of supporters from the Christian community. This topic normally takes months and months of arguments among parties and can easily become the source of a huge conflict in many topics within the upcoming four years.

This year, I decided to take the task of nailing down all numbers, grouping them, calculating totals and averages right when the elections finished with fresh numbers and figures still available.

Lebanon Parliament Elections 2018
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Lebanese Governments and Parliaments: The On-Going Digital Signature Crime!

Up until this day, all previous and current Lebanese governments and parliament members have failed to put in place a national standard for digital signatures. The process is not hard, not vague, not tedious and – for sure – not dangerous. Digital Signatures are already approved as national standards in all digitally-active countries except in Lebanon despite the fact that Lebanon is a digitally-active country.

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Authentication, Authorization and Access Control for Dummies

Just as in the book series “… For Dummies”, this post is meant to introduce the concept of authentication, authorization and access control for non-technical readers.

To start with, a simple principle needs to be introduced and highlighted: Security principles in IT are exactly the same as those in real life. By understanding this simple statement, you will be able to understand all IT security principles in a very easy manner.

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