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The web for me is a hobby where standards and best practices are daily bread. Security is a concern that everybody must be aware of its details for IT in general, and the web in particular, to be a safer place. My life, on the other hand, is that of a regular Lebanese citizen where politics and social issues are discussed on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and make sure to drop me a comment about any topic you find interesting.

Political Correctness!

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victor | 09 August, 2006 18:42

This article is, unfortunately, true and lists the rules of Political Correctness when it comes to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Rule #1: In the Middle East, it is always the Arabs that attack first, and it's always Israel who defends itself. This is called "retaliation".

Rule #2: The Arabs, whether Palestinians or Lebanese, are not allowed to kill Israelis. This is called "terrorism".

Rule #3: Israel has the right to kill Arab civilians, this is called "self-defense", or these days "collateral damage". (More)

UN Campaign

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victor | 09 August, 2006 18:25

The United Nations is, by its lack of power in peace-keeping in the world and its lack of decision, shamefully sponsoring the Israeli killing of Lebanese civilians and the total destruction of Lebanon.'s aim is to give the Free in the world visual weapons against UN's shameful inexistence. You can download high-resolution artwork, read and comment on their blog, see heart-breaking pictures, etc. Go there now by clicking on the picture or by clicking on the link below:

Real Politicians!

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victor | 08 August, 2006 14:13

The video you are about to see shows what Mr. George Galloway, a UK MP, has to say on Sky News regarding the war between Israel and Lebanon.

Watch the movie and think whether it is about time that we see a single ARAB politician saying this!!!


Proofs regarding the Nazi Israel

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victor | 07 August, 2006 07:19

In this unfortunate ongoing massacre taking place in Lebanon, Israel is breaking all International Laws related to Humanity, International Law and War regulations.
This article simply lists the many incidents that occurred and describes the Nazi side of Israel's war serving as a proof for condemption of Israel.

Israel is continuously attacking red cross cars in various cities of Lebanon. The International Red Cross Organization (CICR) stands with no clues at what must be done to stop these attacks. Many contacts have been made through CICR with Israel regarding these incidents and Israel keeps claiming that it is only attacking cars that are not abiding by the rules of War. The red cross in Lebanon continuousy reported that all cars are abiding to war rules when entering war zones and, yet, are still being bombed by Israel.

Lebanon: A Proof for a Neo-Nazi Israel

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victor | 06 August, 2006 18:38

This is not a topic to discuss. This is a topic to inform. Israel is the New Nazi state within this world.

I am a Maronite-Christian from Lebanon, one of those people that Israel is seeking to convince that this war is against them and that Hezbollah is leading this war to achieve an Islamic state in Lebanon.
Naturally, I am against terrorism in all of its forms and I dispute Hezbollah with many political ideas and I agree with some of them.

Unfortunately, Hezbollah is NOT the terrorist in this war. Israel is the real terrorist.

July War: The Final YAHW Event?!

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victor | 05 August, 2006 16:05

This is NOT the time for all of us to comment on politics. This is NOT the time for great silly forces to act stupid. This is NOT the time for BUSH, RICE and BLAIR to discuss with CHIRAC, PUTIN and SANYOURA a complete solution for the Middle East crisis.

If Bush, Rice, Blair, Chirac or Putin have ANY REMAINING BIT of Conscience in their naive/materialistic/money-oriented mind, they would better push ISRAEL to CEASE fire on Lebanon NOW!!!

Israel, we are NOT an experimental land.
France, we are NOT silly politicians.
Putin, we are NOT a VAST land with ENOUGH time to negotiate ceasing of fire.
Sanyoura, We are NOT a WEAK entity.
Bush, we are NOT order takers.
Rice, we do NOT negotiate under fire.

We were, are and will always be a LAND of FREE Souls living in human bodies seeking democracy at its utmost climate.

It is about time to understand that YAHW (Yet Another Hollywood War) events are about to expire.
First Kosovo, then Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Lebanon.
Do you see a declining curve somewhere?

As for the majority of Arab conscience, I would better not comment because I always try to keep this blog empty of Eudora Hot Peppers as much as possible and getting into the Arab Conscience topic will surely fill it up with three-pepper symbols!!!

Wake Up! It is about time!!!

Israel: More Powerful than the UN!

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victor | 03 August, 2006 19:24

These are the 70 UN Resolutions against Israel. No need to add that Israel never respected any single one of them. The UN has always been royally ignored by the State of Israel. The details of the resolutions, and all other UN Security Counsil resolutions can be found and downloaded on the United Nations website.

This also proves how useless the UN is when it comes to Israel being in question. Taking this fact into consideration, world leaders and politicians must understand that this type of behavious is exactly what makes the Middle East problem more complicated and unresolvable.

Israel must be forced to abide to the International Law. Otherwise, extreme organizations and terrorism will never stop.

The list of resolutinons follow... (More)
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