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The web for me is a hobby where standards and best practices are daily bread. Security is a concern that everybody must be aware of its details for IT in general, and the web in particular, to be a safer place. My life, on the other hand, is that of a regular Lebanese citizen where politics and social issues are discussed on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and make sure to drop me a comment about any topic you find interesting.

Which Operating System Is Microsoft Using?

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victor | 13 August, 2007 23:54

I stumbled today at a page thinking it was a joke until I checked it manually to make sure it was correct. The page is simple. It is from NetCraft and shows the servers that are being used by big companies like IBM and Microsoft. Logically speaking, Microsoft should be using Windows Servers at least to prove to its clients that Microsoft servers are stable everywhere and for everything. I was shocked to find out that Microsoft was using Linux (its competitor) as a server.

The screenshot below is from NetCraft and can be seen (while it exists) by clicking on this link.
Microsoft using Linux as their web servers.

Search Engine Optimization Conception

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victor | 05 August, 2007 21:13

I am being asked lately a lot about the facts behind search engine optimization (SEO), how it works, what it does, why is it needed and (most above all) why do price ranges between various SEO providers vary drastically. In this article, I will try to describe, in a brief overview, the various ways that SEO is achieved via the various aproaches that I know about on the web. In brief, SEO is the process of refactoring a website in order to score higher on search engines on certain key search terms. By achieving higher scores, websites appear first when the search term in question is queried. Various search engines perform different scoring techniques while evaluating websites including what is known as On-Site and Off-Site scoring. (More)

Picture of the Year!

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victor | 29 June, 2007 15:43

The picture below is, simply, the Picture of the Year 2007.
This picture is the winner simply because it explains for itself.

Picture of the year 2007.

Share with your friends.
Spread the word.

Think About THIS!

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victor | 28 June, 2007 11:09

100 Lebanese Army soldiers and Red Cross members died in Nahr El Bared so far defending Lebanon. With each martyr going down, TV stations in Lebanon transmit a 10-second biography stating his name, date of birth, marital status and awards.

Haifa Wehbe (a sexy Arabic singer / model) was injured while shooting a video clip in Riyaq. TV Stations broadcasted around 5 minutes about the incident, the way it happened, what Haifa was doing, what she saw, what she felt, how she was taken to the hospital and they even visited her at the hospital to wish her a safe return.

Think About This:
Why don't Lebanese Army and Red Cross martyrs and injured soldiers get the same share???


Red Cross I.C.E. Contacts

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victor | 28 March, 2007 06:49

Red Cross members have noticed that, frequently, accidents involve people holding mobile phones. In all of these cases, especially when people are under critical conditions, Red Cross members do not know who to contact from the phone list (contacts) within the phone. As such, Red Cross members have come up with the idea to ask everyone to put the person to contact in Case of Emergency under a certain synonym: ICE (In Case of Emergency).

To help Red Cross members better serve you in case of emergencies, put the person that you wish to be contacted under the name ICE. If you have wish to provide more than one phone number, you can use the names ICE1, ICE2, ICE3, etc.

This is very easily done and helps better save lots of lives especially when accidents involve people with special treatment required. This also helps Red Cross members communicate better to better serve you.

Please send this message to everyone you know.

Lunar Eclipse

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victor | 21 March, 2007 07:15

This is a snapshot from the lunar eclipse that occurred on March 3, 2007. What is interesting for me about this eclipse is that it occurred on my sister's birthday (Maguy). Another coincidence is that it occurred one month after Maguy gave birth to her lovely Tiana.

Java Expert Opening (5 Positions)

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victor | 16 February, 2007 19:04

I am seeking 5 Java Developers with 7 years of experience at least in J2EE and Java Web applications.
Knowledge of Java containers (Tomcat or JBoss) is a MUST.

This is a full-time contract for three months with a salary of 15,000 Euros.

If you know someone or can help me reach someone with the required skills, please send an email to victor.sawma {at}


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