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The web for me is a hobby where standards and best practices are daily bread. Security is a concern that everybody must be aware of its details for IT in general, and the web in particular, to be a safer place. My life, on the other hand, is that of a regular Lebanese citizen where politics and social issues are discussed on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and make sure to drop me a comment about any topic you find interesting.

Blockchain Introduction

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victor | 05 December, 2018 12:55

I had an introductory lecture regarding the Blockchain and its usage in cryptographic tokens and smart contracts. The lecture took place at Notre Dame University, Main Campus in Zouk Mosbeh. The slides of the presentation can be found here
The video is also available on YouTube and can be viewed here.

Christian Distribution Results in Lebanese Parliament Elections 2018

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victor | 09 May, 2018 14:34

Updated: May 11, 2018

One of the hottest topics after any elections that take place in Lebanon is which party received the highest number of supporters from the Christian community. This topic normally takes months and months of arguments among parties and can easily become the source of a huge conflict in many topics within the upcoming four years.

This year, I decided to take the task of nailing down all numbers, grouping them, calculating totals and averages right when the elections finished with fresh numbers and figures still available.

To be also transparent, I will be posting the source Excel file that I used to generate these figures so that any person can download it, check it, check its formulas and highlight any error that might exist there whether in the numbers or in the formulas. The Excel file will be posted after few days from receiving feedback from friends regarding the figures. By then, I will be updating the graphs if needed, the links and I will post the source Excel file.


Lebanese Governments and Parliaments: The On-Going Digital Signature Crime!

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victor | 29 April, 2014 07:15

Up until this day, all previous and current Lebanese governments and parliament members have failed to put in place a national standard for digital signatures. The process is not hard, not vague, not tidious and - for sure - not dangerous. Digital Signatures are already approved as national standards in all digitally-active countries except in Lebanon desipte the fact that Lebanon is a dititally-active country.


HeartBleed Bug: What You Need to Know?!

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victor | 07 April, 2014 19:47

In this article, I will tackle the HeartBleed bug that spread the news lately as well as what should normal website users be aware of by mentioning what could be affected and how to protect it.


Authentication, Authorization and Access Control for Dummies

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victor | 23 September, 2013 06:57

Just as in the book series "... For Dummies", this post is meant to introduce the concept of authentication, authorization and access control for non-technical readers.

To start with, a simple principle needs to be introduced and higlighted: Security principles in IT are exactly the same as those in real life. By understanding this simple statement, you will be able to understand all IT security principles in a very easy manner.


Samsung / HTC High Internet Comsumption

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victor | 30 October, 2012 05:59

If you have an HTC / Samsung with Android OS and you are facing high Internet bandwidth consumption lately, the main reasons are mentioned below with the ways to fix them.This happened with me lately when my phone suddently starting consuming an extra 200-300 MB at a rate of 20-30 MB / day.

I reported this to Alfa more than once with an attempt to know the reason but with no luck. So, I had to do it on my own and check where my phone Internet usage was going. Finally, I nailed it down and fixed it myself.


The New Facebook Sneak Peaks

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victor | 29 September, 2011 14:26

Facebook is undergoing a lot of changes recently especially after the release of Google+. The link below provides sneak peaks about the NEW facebook profile and features that Facebook will be introducing shortly...


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