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Huge Lighters Security Alert

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victor | 20 February, 2010 12:01

Huge Lighter Recently, I am noticing many individual walking around with huge lighters in hands and (barely) in pockets. Huge lighters (similar to the one shown in the picutre) are being considered as pretty cool these days by many. While I agree that such a thing is somehow cool, we must be aware of the many risks associated with this type of lighters especially when using them in crowded places (like restaurants) or when temperature is high (like the summer).

It is a well known fact that a small lighter (almost 1/8 the size of the huge lighter) can cause sever damage to the ears if it explodes. Small lighters usually explode under high temperatures only. If a small lighter falls down from a table, for example, it rarely explodes and, as such, you are usually safe carrying it into crowded places as long as you keep it away from direct contact with fire.

The huge lighter, however, does not share these same characteristics. The lighter that I bought as tall as a half-liter water bottle (check picture). While experimenting, it exploded from a height of 2 meters as soon as it touched the floor on its base. Another lighter exploded after 1 second from touching the fire.

Don't try experimenting unless you are extremely careful. An exploding huge lighter is very dangerous. Tens of small pieces fly around randomly and can cause harm and cause sever damage to the eyes and other body parts.

This leads us to conclude the following simple points:

  • Huge lighters can explode easily if they fall down from low heights (1-2 meters)
  • Huge lighters can explode after 1-2 seconds from being exposed to direct fire contact (unlike small lighters that can bare around 5 seconds)
  • Huge lighters cause sever damage to humans when they explode especially to ears (the explosion sound is very harmful) and to the eyes (from the small flying pieces)
  • Huge lighters should not be allowed in public places (for public safety)
  • It would be better if you simply avoid buying them especially if you have kids around at your place

I hope this helps us all learn about the harm that may be caused by this type of lighters so that we can enjoy the forthcoming summ

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