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10-10-10 10:10: TEN DIGITAL CHEERS!

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victor | 10 October, 2010 09:13

Ten Cheers to Bits!We all know that computers understand only bits: 0s and 1s. Since their inception, computers have worked hard to try to recognize dates that we use in our daily life. Human life was never fair to them in return until today.

Today, we are giving PCs two dates that are written purely in their own language using 0s and 1s:

10-10-10 10:10 am
10-10-10 10:10 pm

If you are reading this out there and love PCs, grab a beer and shout out loud: 10 Cheers to Bits ;)

If you read this later after it's too late, remember that you lived through these two moments at least. These are unique dates at least for PCs.

Let us all spread this through sharing.

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