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Turkish Airport Smoking Terrace

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victor | 16 November, 2010 07:11

One thing I really liked during my trip today is my smoking transit in Turkey. The airport has a Smoking Terrace where you smoke in open air within the airport. What I really liked about it is that for the first time I don't really feel that I am jailed while smoking in an airport or that Cancer is really polluting the air all around.

Yet, I can imagine a small debate taking place between anti-smoking activists who push hard to make the life of the smoker so miserable as to stop and what the Turkish airport did by giving smokers a privilege (somehow) by smoking in open air.

Oh and the view out there was great that you will barely want to go back inside.

Go Turkey Go!!

ps. Of course, my favourite airport still is Beirut International Airport where you can smoke while checking in or at Passport control while, at the same time, a recorded message keeps asking everybody to smoke in designated areas only with no signs about where these designated areas are :)


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Elie El Te22aleh ;) | 27/11/2010, 19:31

lol nice job offer Vix! go for it!!!

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