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Samsung / HTC High Internet Comsumption

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victor | 30 October, 2012 05:59

If you have an HTC / Samsung with Android OS and you are facing high Internet bandwidth consumption lately, the main reasons are mentioned below with the ways to fix them.This happened with me lately when my phone suddently starting consuming an extra 200-300 MB at a rate of 20-30 MB / day.

I reported this to Alfa more than once with an attempt to know the reason but with no luck. So, I had to do it on my own and check where my phone Internet usage was going. Finally, I nailed it down and fixed it myself.

This post is to share my findings with you. The reasons are few and are mentioned below:

  • VOIP Usage: If you are using VOIP technology like Viber and Tango, then you have to be careful when using them over 3G / Edge connections especially with Video communication (Tango mainly).
    • Solution: Don't use VOIP over 3G/Edge except if you really need to and try to use it only over WIFI connections. If you must use them over 3G, then avoid VIDEO chats.
  • Google Services: If you are using Google as your main account manager for Contacts / Tasks, then Google Services might consume high Internet if you modify / add contacts and tasks frequently. New versions of Android also contain a Contact Manager that allows you to check for duplicates and consolidate all contacts within one account. This type of applications will consume high Internet usage since it needs to communicate constantly with Google servers.
    • Solution: Manage contacts and synchronize them over WIFI only. You can set this up within your phone by forcing Syncing to take place only over WIFI connections.
  • Application Updates: Your phone will constantly check for application updates and update them if you set your phone to automatically update applications. This consumes a large chunk of Internet usage.
    • Solution: If you set your applications to update automatically, then make sure to configure your phone to update them only over WIFI and not over 3G.
  • Bad 3G Signal: Your phone, once set to use 3G connectivity, will constantly try to use 3G whenever available. If your 3G signal is weak, your phone will keep switching from 3G to 2G and vice-versa. This will cause many data packets to be lost due to bad signal.
    • Solution: If you have bad 3G signal, set your phone to always use 2G.

I hope the above helps. If you have any comments, feel free to share...


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