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Lebanon: A Proof for a Neo-Nazi Israel

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victor | 06 August, 2006 18:38

This is not a topic to discuss. This is a topic to inform. Israel is the New Nazi state within this world.

I am a Maronite-Christian from Lebanon, one of those people that Israel is seeking to convince that this war is against them and that Hezbollah is leading this war to achieve an Islamic state in Lebanon.
Naturally, I am against terrorism in all of its forms and I dispute Hezbollah with many political ideas and I agree with some of them.

Unfortunately, Hezbollah is NOT the terrorist in this war. Israel is the real terrorist.
This war started when Hezbollah kidnapped three soldiers and killed 8 on July 12, 2006. At first glance, Israel's reaction towards this act was to try to attack Hezbollah to regain the kidnapped soldiers. This made complete sense to everyone including me. Now, after one month of continuous war in Lebanon, the following facts will prove that:

  1. Israel has no intent to eliminate Hezbollah.
  2. Israel has the only intent of destroying Lebanon.
  3. Israel has the only intent of killing innocent Children and innocent Families.
  4. Israel is "testing" new weapons on Lebanese ground.
  5. Israel is preventing Lebanon from any change of getting back to life within the coming 10 years.
  6. Hezbollah is NOT playing a terrorist part in this war.
  7. Hezbollah is purely acting as a defense although they have a lot more attack capabilities categorized under terrorism (car bombs, suicide bombers, etc.)
  8. Hezbollah is respecting the International Law more than Israel is.
  9. The USA is openly supporting terrorism in the Middle East.
  10. Georges W. Bush is clearly, the worst president the US can ever have and is a main partner in the massacre/holocaust taking place in Lebanon.
  11. Tony Blair is clearly a partner in this endless massacre taking place in Lebanon.
  12. The UN is useless.
  13. The UN Security Council is useless.
  14. World War III is on the way unless proper measures are taken by the failing UN and USA are taken to avoid that.
The interesting part is in the FACTS to support the statements above. The remaining part of the document below is simply the list of facts related to the points listed above. For each fact, I will provide the title as well as the points it proves or help proving.

CIVILIANS DEAD vs ARMED DEAD (pts. 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11)
The official numbers of dead people is as follows.
In Israel: less than a 80+ dead in total including 42 soldiers. Ratio: 51% soldiers, 49% civilians)
In Lebanon: more than 1,000,000 dead in total including slightly above 30 from Hezbollah. Ratio: 0.003% soldiers, 99.997% civilians)
The precision that Israel claims is clearly denied from the simple, extremely suffering fact shown above.
Hezbollah, on the other hand, is being relatively more precise when it comes to attacks on Israel.

CAUSE FOR INFRASTRUCTURE ATTACK (pts. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
During the first FIVE days of the war, Israel had attacked almost all bridges in Lebanon including Mobile antennas, TV antennas, Radars, etc. No reason can be given for attacking any of the infrastructure mentioned here except the fact that Israel is seeking to weaken Lebanon. Another fact is that all of the infrastructure was attacked even before the first member of Hezbollah was killed.
Despite the fact that Hezbollah can attack Israeli infrastructure, Hezbollah is relatively more responsible than Israel in this matter.

NEW WEAPONS TRYOUT (pts. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11)
Israel is currently using Lebanon as a weapon laboratory where all sorts of new weapons (made in the USA) are being used. This includes "clever" rockets (rockets that are oriented using chips), vacuum rockets (rockets that go through buildings and evacuate all available oxygen producing vacuum that leads to the building collapsing to the inside rather than falling to the outside), and many other rockets that are said to burn all available oxygen in bodies that are injured as well as phosphoric bombs that are being used to attack the green environment that Lebanon is well-know with.

In Rome, 14 countries agreed for an immediate cease-fire, Condolisa Rice was the only participant to vote against it. In the UN Security Council, the USA explicitly used the right for Vito to reject a call for immediate cease-fire. Britain, Israel, and the USA are the only three countries that are refusing an immediate cease-fire. This by itself is a clear proof that the UN and the UN security council are both useless since 14 countries that are with an immediate cease-fire cannot force 1 country to accep it.

WORLD WAR III (pt. 14)
As a result of all the above, we can clearly see that the USA and Israel are day-after-day becoming the center for criticism from all the world. This is not a new thing since it had already started after Afghanistan and Iraq when the US policy was clearly exposed to the International community as a policy build on false information and lies. Ben Laden is still free. Saddam is still not convicted. Mass Destruction weapons, the main reason for the Iraq war, remain not found until this moment (and I doubt they will ever find them). On the other hand, Iran is now a strong country in the Middle East region and the USA is still blindly dealing with this case without taking into consideration the power that this country has achieved during the past 20 years. Added to the fact that Lebanon served as a proof for the Israeli-US-based Neo-Nazi Policy, I can hardly believe that the International Community will still support the USA in any of the coming wars. This, in my opinion, is the turning point for the US policy and for Israel. If this point is treated with care by the International Community (and the UN), World War III might be bypassed. On the other hand, moving on with the same policy that the USA is forcing the International Community to accept via the right of Vito will, for sure, lead to World War III very soon (sooner than we all expect).

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