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Mohammed Saleh: Another Proof of Neo-Nazi Israel!

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victor | 15 August, 2006 15:08

Mohammed Saleh, a Palestinian aged 23, started his day in a very normal way until he was arrested by Israeli forces due to having doubt of him carrying bombs (suicider). He was searched and nothing was found on him. Yet, he ended up being dead! How??? Let the pictures tell you. Click on the image for the whole story.

Day-by-day, the whole world should understand what took us many years to see: Israel has no respect to anyone but to Israel.

This, by itself, should be a source of action so that the whole world, if interested in democracy, take proper action and ask Israel to stop humiliating other human beings, killing innocent civilians, performing outstanding massacres that event he holocaust did not witness.

All of this must stop and must stop soon. Otherwise, we will all, including Israel, have to bare its consequences. Today's event in Britain (when a terrorist group was stopped from bombing airplanes between the United Kingdom and the USA is just the start.

More is yet to come...

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Pieces of a bigger picture?

2Cents | 25/04/2007, 20:36

While the killing of an innocent person is terrible, we must be careful in assuming that the story with these photos is in fact the real story.

As I read the captions and looked at the pictures, psychologically, I was appalled when I saw the last picture. I looked back up at the sequence...ok, this happened, then this, then this...and he's dead and noone's around him.

I wanted more info, so I looked up his name and found this article:

This put things more into a perspective that made me wonder if the photos shown, with these captions, do in-fact represent how things actually went down. The story the Israeli police gave does have an element of uncertainty about whether or not it was fabricated, just as the captions shown with the pictures have the possibility of being fabricated.

We all want the truth, and the lesson we can get from this is that someone's lying. Whoever is lying is not helping do anything but undermine and destroy their cause. If the guy had a bomb, he should be punished. The first policeman there should have been able to feel his torso and determine this. Was he pretending that he had a bomb out of foolishness, just trying to scare the cops? If he was stripped to remove a faulty bomb, or to verify that he didn't have one, that's fine.

It would have been better to send him to prison, whatever the case, but if he did have a bomb (even a fake one), don't you think some of those cops get tired of dealing with that stuff and just might crack? How many detective shows have you seen where someone has another at gunpoint, cops are everywhere, and the final standoff ends in the person having enough guts to put the gun down? ...but haven't we all seen ones where the person shoots anyway?

Only those involved, along with God/G-d/Allah, knows what really happened there. We should all do the best we can at determining the truth as best we can, and ACCEPTING the truth, whatever it may be.

Cat Case

Victor | 14/09/2006, 16:38

If you put a cat in a corner and try to attack, what will it do?

I wished it was an eye-for-eye case Nathalie but it isn't.

All of this ends when the strong understands that he cannot get rid of the weak and that he has to get down of his high towers and sit down into an agreement for living in peace that is fair for both in an equal share. Unless this occurs, the weak will always keep stiring fire into the air.

the future

nathalie | 09/09/2006, 10:22

where does this end? eye for eye, and this will take us to complete destruction. we should not tolerate inhuman actions, never, but there must be another way to respond and re-act.

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