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Israel: More War Days, More Reasons to Cease Existence

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victor | 11 August, 2006 12:54

As elaborated in previous articles, Israel has lost all sorts of human dignity in this massacre against Lebanon. I mentioned last week the cost of consequences that we will have to bare.

Three days ago, MP George Galloway bursted at Sky News.
Today, Norway is up in arms after author Jostein Gaarder asserts that Israel has lost its right to exist.

Anlysists say that Olmert must swallow his pride and adopt the UN resolution in order to put an end for these massacres performed by cold-blooded criminals.

More is yet to come tomorrow unless we all work together to put an end to all of this. It is about time that this world understands that War brings nothing but War. Massacres are yet another reason for more "terrorism". Looking deeply into this, one can find that the so-called terrorism is the weak's only weapon. Being strong bares responsibilities on the strong towards the weak. Abusing force is the main reason for all terrorist movements around the globe.

Middle East Roadmap, New Middle East, Mass Destructive Weapons, etc. These are all names for the SAME misatke: Power Abuse.

If the USA uses its power in a responsible manner, if Israel uses its inherited power in a responsible manner; then and only then will the so-called terrorism cease to exist. Until then, we can either learn from previous mistakes or keep wasting time defining terms and giving out names.

I think it is about time that all world leaders grasp this notion and put it into action. Georges W. Bush, the worst US president ever, must understand that what was applicable 20 years ago is not applicable anymore. The world must realize that Lebanon only seeks peace. Peace that is built on strong and solid rock, not peace that is built on diplomatic and dynamic soil!

Let us all hope that the UN comes up with the solution for all of this today or tomorrow (as promised by all leaders). If I was to guide this through, I would take out Bolton and Gillerman for 20 min and let the others decide (isn't democracy the act of the majority?). By doing this, a solid and fair peace can be achieved in less than 5 min. Believe it or not, I will not take out Blair: "Haram" Blair!

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