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The web for me is a hobby where standards and best practices are daily bread. Security is a concern that everybody must be aware of its details for IT in general, and the web in particular, to be a safer place. My life, on the other hand, is that of a regular Lebanese citizen where politics and social issues are discussed on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and make sure to drop me a comment about any topic you find interesting.

Category: Linux

Microsoft Halloween Documents

Check this website out and see why Microsoft is so "scared" from the Open Source community and Open Source products. In the last week of October 1998, a confidential Microsoft memorandum on Redmond's strategy against Linux and Open Source software was leaked out to the public. Read...

Why Linux?

Linux happens to be my favourite Server Operating System. Why as a server? Simply because Microsoft Windows is still, by far, the best Personal Operating System for a PC. There are major advantages and disadvantages for Linux and Windows and this category is dedicated to list them and explain...
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