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The web for me is a hobby where standards and best practices are daily bread. Security is a concern that everybody must be aware of its details for IT in general, and the web in particular, to be a safer place. My life, on the other hand, is that of a regular Lebanese citizen where politics and social issues are discussed on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and make sure to drop me a comment about any topic you find interesting.

Category: Politics

Lebanese Security?!

I really don't know where this entry should go. Should it be under Security (a topic that I prefer and that is still empty for the time being on my blog or under Politics where it really should be?) The whole story is related to what happened during the past few days here in Beirut. This story...

El-Hariri's Assasination

11 days ago, the Ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon, Mr. Rafic Hariri died in a car explosion in the center of Beirut (the city that he rebuilt after 20 years of Lebanese war). This is just a salut to Mr. Hariri with respect for being another Martyr (although a major one) for Lebanon.   (More)
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