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This blog is about PHP in general. It tackles various topics related to the language itself especially at the OOP level, discusses various topics related to Zend Framework and shares my experience with Cake PHP. I believe that mastering technology is heavily based on one's ability to discuss its details and share knowledge with others. Technology is a wide wild world after all!

Learning PHP for Beginners

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victor | 11 February, 2017 13:52

So you are a student who just finished learning the basics of programming and you are so interested about learning PHP. Your friends told you how cool PHP is and I am pretty sure they showed you a bit of their work. You are curious as to how to learn it quickly to be able to start doing the same.

Well here is the deal to get this done :)

In this post, I will tackle the best way to learning PHP as a student. When I use the term student, I refer to a person who is still learning, has 1-2 free hours per day and willing to spend them learning new stuff. I also refer to a person who has enough curiosity and is willing to master technology rather than just get things done from a practical perspective.


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