Victor's Blog about PHP, Zend Framework & Cake PHP

This blog is about PHP in general. It tackles various topics related to the language itself especially at the OOP level, discusses various topics related to Zend Framework and shares my experience with Cake PHP. I believe that mastering technology is heavily based on one's ability to discuss its details and share knowledge with others. Technology is a wide wild world after all!

Category: Cake PHP

How-To Validate / Sanitize Data in PHP

In this post, I will tackle a very important (and usually ignored topic) when programming in PHP. Data validation and sanitization is not only important at the business level, but also very important at the security level since this is where most attacks usually take place especially...

What is PHP, Zend Framework and Cake PHP?

My first really mini-article will be simply a definition of the 3 topics behind this blog. PHP is a widely used, general-purpose web scripting language that is embedded into the HTML source document and interpreted by a web-server integrated PHP processor module. The name...
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