Victor is an expert in IT technologies, Online Digital Services and Interactive solutions. He is very interested in challenges related to web services engineering especially complex and hybrid online solutions and algorithms (integrated solutions, social media platforms, etc.).

Victor is the co-founder of intouch holding, a group of companies specialized in online digital services including Ripply, CyberChisel and Hibrid. The group’s headquarters are in Lebanon with branches in Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine.

Victor Sawma

Victor is an IT security expert, as well, with expertise mainly in networking, mobile, operating systems, databases, applications and IoT. He is also an expert in the fields of cryptography, security assessment techniques, security design (policies, profiles, architectures, etc.) as well as security auditing and ethical hacking.

Victor is a senior lecturer at Notre Dame University, Lebanon since 2002 where he teaches Computer Security, Internet Computing, Web Design, Ethics, Java, Project Management and Software Engineering. He also provides training and consultancy to companies and organizations in the IT field.