Search Engine Optimization

I am being asked lately a lot about the facts behind search engine optimization (SEO), how it works, what it does, why is it needed and (most above all) why do price ranges between various SEO providers vary drastically. In this article, I will try to describe, in a brief overview, the various ways that SEO is achieved via the various approaches that I know about on the web. In brief, SEO is the process of refactoring a website in order to score higher on search engines on certain key search terms. By achieving higher scores, websites appear first when the search term in question is queried. Various search engines perform different scoring techniques while evaluating websites including what is known as On-Site and Off-Site scoring.

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Why I Prefer PHP over .NET?

One of the major differences between .NET and PHP is the outstanding performance and reliability that PHP provides.

I am always asked by people, especially students, about the reason why I prefer PHP technology over ASP technology. In its simplest form, I can safely say that PHP is safe and secure (by default) while .NET is not. It is obvious that .NET supports easy web development and fast production. To produce a website by a beginner using PHP might take 50% more time than it would take using .NET.

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Hacking the Papal Election?!

This is a summary of an amazing article by the wonderful Bruce Schneier sent in this April’s CryptoGram Newsletter.

The rules for papal elections are steeped in tradition, and were last codified on 22 Feb 1996. The document is well-thought-out, and filled with details. The article elaborates on the election process overview, then on hacking the election process, concluding that the process itself is secure.

A summary of the process follows. The hacking process and the conclusion of Mr. Schneier can be found in here as well.

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