El-Hariri’s Assasination

11 days ago, the Ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon, Mr. Rafic Hariri died in a car explosion in the center of Beirut (the city that he rebuilt after 20 years of Lebanese war). This is just a salut to Mr. Hariri with respect for being another Martyr (although a major one) for Lebanon.

PM Rafic Hariri
PM Rafic Hariri

Despite of me agreeing or disagreeing with the decisions and thoughts of Mr. Rafic El-Hariri in the past, I personally think that Mr. Hariri’s blood, as well as the blood of many others, should not be obsoleted.

It’s a shame to see people dying unexpectedly simply because they oppose others with what they think. It’s a pitty to see people, although death is taking place, different people with different points of view still arguing what is right from what is wrong. Killing people is wrong (at least this is true) and finding out who is killing them is the most basic, generic, minimal point that EVERYONE must be clear about. Unfortunately, our country is still arguing on what the term “finding out who killed Rafic El Hariri” means politically and how should this term be translated in daily life matters.

For God’s sake, what will our children say about this? What will history mention about the arguments that we watch and listen to every day. This is a question that everyone has to work to find a really good and satisfactory answer for very quickly. The answer, at least, must be clear, transparent, and honest. Otherwise, the search for the answer will never end and those who stirred the mud in the water will have to hold responsibility for the result.


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