Why Linux?

Linux happens to be my favourite Server Operating System. Why as a server? Simply because Microsoft Windows is still, by far, the best Personal Operating System for a PC. There are major advantages and disadvantages for Linux and Windows and this category is dedicated to list them and explain each and every one of them.

Why Linux?

As a teacher at a University, I am always faced with the same question: Why do you dislike Microsoft Windows? Well, I don’t dislike Microsoft Windows. I like Microsoft Windows for the personal PC’s, I dislike Microsoft Windows for servers. On the other hand, I like Linux for Servers and I tend to like Linux for PC’s as well but I still use Microsoft Windows up to this moment on my PC.

This category will discuss, in depth, my main reasons for liking and disliking each and every OS, in general, and Linux vs Microsoft Windows, in particular. Liking and disliking is not a matter of taste in this case. It is rather a matter of analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each Operating System before making a decision. This decision, however, remains unstable since daily life releases and general patches might weigh the balance on one side more than the other or, in some cases, take off some weight from what was already existing.

In general, my advice is as follows: if you have a PC, use whichever OS you like and feel comfortable with as long as you abide to what the provider asks you to do regarding security and privacy. If you have a server, then you must use the Operating System that provides you with peace-of-mind, stability, reliability, and above all, security. For me, the server OS of choice is Linux.

I currently use RedHat Linux and have tried FreeBSD and Mandrake at some period in time. I am still, however, loyal to the RedHat family (currently Fedora).


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