Lebanese Governments and Parliaments: The On-Going Digital Signature Crime!

Up until this day, all previous and current Lebanese governments and parliament members have failed to put in place a national standard for digital signatures. The process is not hard, not vague, not tedious and – for sure – not dangerous. Digital Signatures are already approved as national standards in all digitally-active countries except in Lebanon despite the fact that Lebanon is a digitally-active country.

What Are Digital Signatures?

Digital Signatures, as the name implies, are an electronic means to digitally sign a document. This document can be an online transaction, an email,  a file, etc.

Why Are Digital Signatures Important?

Digitally signing a transaction or document allows online systems to verify that the entity performing this transaction is really that party. It also prevents the transaction from being modified by 3rd parties. Most importantly, it eliminates the ability to repudiate that the transaction took place. If party A digitally signs a transaction and sends it to party B, then party A cannot, later on, deny the fact that it did that transaction.

Why Should Digital Signatures Become a National Standard?

All commercial companies operating within a certain country require legal support when it comes to online transactions. Without having a national standard put in place, entities can still operate in a secure manner but might fail in legal courts (in the case of legal disputes) to prove things since standards are not legalized at the national level.

By adopting a national standard, these entities can use digital signatures in court to prove things and, thus, the level of trust in online transactions becomes higher and allows for more businesses to go online safely.

Where Is The Crime if No Digital Signature Standard is Put in Place?

By not having a digital signature standard put in place, the Lebanese Government is putting the whole digital community at risk. This includes online businesses, software development agencies and online users. The Lebanese Government cannot stay behind the digital era anymore. This is not affecting the Government alone anymore. It is affecting the whole infrastructure.

Online businesses nowadays are undergoing a very high risk simply because the Lebanese Governement is FAILING them. Once standards are legalized and put in place, these businesses can prosper and grow exponentially by adopting tools and standards that allows them to further expand into the online community.


An expert, trainer, senior lecturer and consultant in IT technologies, IT Security, Online Digital Services and Interactive solutions. Co-founder of intouch holding, a group of companies specialized in online digital services. Senior lecturer at Notre Dame University, Lebanon since 2002. For more detailed information, please visit the "About Victor" page.

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