PHP-GTK: Is PHP Seeking Java and .NET Competition?

Let’s face it: PHP rocks when simplicity is in mind. One major ex-barrier for PHP Software development, though, was the inability to use any graphical client except the browser. Unlike Java and .NET, PHP programs were only accessible through web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) with support for XHTML. We all know that GUI production using XHTML is harder than normal drag-n-drop GUI editors like .NET and JAVA.

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Why I Prefer PHP over .NET?

One of the major differences between .NET and PHP is the outstanding performance and reliability that PHP provides.

I am always asked by people, especially students, about the reason why I prefer PHP technology over ASP technology. In its simplest form, I can safely say that PHP is safe and secure (by default) while .NET is not. It is obvious that .NET supports easy web development and fast production. To produce a website by a beginner using PHP might take 50% more time than it would take using .NET.

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